19 excellent properties of petals and buds in health and skin care

Damask rose petals and buds, damask rose tea from buds petals

From ancient times, in traditional Iranian medicine, they used tea made from damask rose petals and buds to treat many diseases. A new study by Western scholars examines damask rose from a new perspective, which we quote:

Use Dried damask rose petals and buds to make drink or use with tea

1 – you can add dried Damask rose petals  to fresh tea or boiling water, and consume it about 5-10 minutes after brewing.

2 – you can also prepare a decoction from the damask rose petals and buds. In this way, you add some buds or petals of damask rose in a kettle of water and use it as a decoction after boiling for 15 minutes. moreover you can add Honey to sweeten this brew. and make it ever more enjoyable.

rose petal tea, rose tea, rose decoction

Damask rose petals and buds, can be used as food seasoning

3 – Another use of damask rose petals and buds is to add it to yogurt with dried mint and cucumber for a nutritious, tasty and invigorating snack. The inherent warmth of damask rose makes us not have digestive problems after eating yogurt.

4 – you can use These fragrant petals as a fragrant seasoning for meat dishes.

seasoning with rose petals, Damask rose petals and buds

Skin-care by consuming oil and rosewater of damask rose petals and buds

5 – damask rose petals and buds contains vitamins and antioxidants useful for the body. including vitamin C. you can use it to treat skin problems such as acne. and eliminate skin blemishes and wrinkles.

6 – Rose water drink obtained from this flower along with water. this solution is a very useful scrub for these:

  • peeling the skin
  • removing wrinkles
  • removing makeup
  • relieving skin allergies

skin care with rose water

7 – Drinking damask rose petals and buds tea can also reduce skin wrinkles and increase collagen production in the skin, thus keeping the skin fresh and young. Rose petals teas soothe you and reduce stress and nervous tension. As you know, one of the most important factors in skin deterioration is having high pressure and stress. In fact, by using tea, you both help to improve the quality of your skin and increase your mental peace. You can even use rose water as a skin softener and rejuvenator and speed up the healing process of your facial skin.

Strengthen the immune system with the help of solution made from petals and buds of damask rose

8 – Drinking the tea or decoction made from Damask rose petals and buds strengthens the immune system and thus protects the person from diseases such as colds, sore throats and flu. The use of rose tea increases women’s immunity and cures some gynecological diseases. By drinking rose tea, women’s menstrual cramps are reduced and menstruation is regulated. Roses due to having high antioxidants, vitamin C, etc. also increase the level of the immune system.

improve immune system with damask rose water

9 – In addition to vitamin C, damask rose petals and buds contains substances such as quercetin and alginic acid with following benefits:

  • repairing cell damage
  • protecting body against cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis and cancer prevention.

Elimination of infectious, digestive and internal problems with the help of damask rose petals and buds

Consumption of decoction or tea made from the Damask rose petals and buds can be useful for the following:

10 – Relieve chronic cough

11 – Relieve abdominal pain and Reduce digestive problems

12 – Reduce menstrual bleeding and relieve inflammation and allergies in the body

13 – Reduce the symptoms and problems of menopause in women, including hot flashes

14 – Cleansing the liver and gallbladder

15 – Treatment of urinary tract infections and inflammation and bladder infection

16 – Improve gastrointestinal inflammation and help treat dysentery

17 – Elimination of harmful bacteria in the intestine

18 – Damask rose oil can also be used as a laxative to relieve constipation.

The joyful scent of damask rose, the enemy of anxiety and depression

19 – Damask rose perfume is effective in treating depression, relieving sadness and anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety or even depression, just pour a few drops of rose water in the pitcher of water in the refrigerator or tea that you consume every day. This will make you constantly smell the scent of damask rose and use its anti-stress properties.

smelling damask rose

Despite all the therapeutic benefits of this plant, experts recommend that people get an allergy test before using it because some people have skin and food allergies to damask rose and may exacerbate allergy symptoms.

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