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How to dry edible rose petals by preserving its properties

edible rose petals refers to damask rose petals which is known as Mohammadi flower in Iran and also Bulgarian rose. Bulgarian rose is found in the form of petals, powder and buds, has many uses in the kitchen and in the treatment of some diseases. Drying edible rose petals is one of the best ways […]

Everything you need to know about Iranian Damask rose 2020

Iranian Damask rose, known in Iran as Mohammadi flower. Mohammadi rose is a perennial plant of the genus Rosa and the Rosaceae family. it has beautiful flowers in a variety of colors, mostly red and pink. Iranians make rosewater from these fresh petals. Most species are native to Asia, and some species are native to […]

rose petals wholesale bulk

Damask rose is one of the most fragrant types of roses and it is also called fragrant rose, Mohammadi flower and Syrian rose. Today, the trade in products of this valuable flower such as rosewater , essential rose oil , dried rose petals bulk wholesale and dried rose buds bulk is very profitable. Because these […]

Dried Rose Petals Wholesale – Rose Products of Iran

If you want to buy dried rose petals wholesale, Rosesattar is a suitable option. Rosesattar products are one of the best options due to their quality and reasonable price. Rosesattar products are of the best rose products in Iran. The wholesale price of rose petals in Iran is lower than in other countries. Iranian rose […]

Buy Bulk Rose Petals – Every Thing You Should Know

You can buy bulk rose petals at the best price on Rosesattar. Rose petals are one of the most widely used rose products in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Rosesattar rose petals with the best quality and the most suitable price are offered to the world markets. The products of this company are prepared from […]

bulk dried rose petals

Damask rose (Mohammadi flower) is from the rose family, which in addition to being an ornament among Iranians and the world, is also a sign of love and loyalty. damask rose are sold as wet buds or petals and also as dried rose buds bulk or dried rose petals bulk . Cities producing rose petals […]

Rose Products – All Forms of Rose Usage

Products obtained from damask rose include rosewater, essential oil, concrete, absolute essential oil, petals and dried buds. These are forms of rose products that directly obtained from these edible roses. These rose products are used in several industries. Roses are used in the perfume and aromatic industries, in the production of cosmetic health products, including […]

Rose planting and harvesting stages

Roses are widely used because of their unique properties. edible Roses are offered for sale in the form of rose buds and dried rose petals and extracts. Annually, large quantities of dried rose buds are sold in bulk from rose farms, and dried rose petals are sent to the market for sale. Rose extract is […]