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Countries producing rose petals and rose buds

Rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world that has different types. Damask rose is one of the most widely used types of roses due to its many medicinal properties, fragrant flowers as well as water rose. Different countries in the world produce this type of rose. However, due to climatic needs, […]

Buy Dried Rose Petals – Every thing you need know

Buy dried rose petals Rose is one of the most fragrant flowers. Rose products are used to produce teas, sweets, herbal medicines and rose water. Dried rose petals are one of the rose medicinal products that have a high medicinal value. The quality of rose petals depends on the growing conditions of the flower. The […]

dried rose buds bulk

Rose is one of the fragrant and beautiful flowers that is used in teas, various sweets and herbal medicines and rose water. Dried rose buds are very soothing and have many medicinal properties. Roses grown in hot and dry climates have a higher quality. The quality of roses that are harvested in hot and dry […]

Dried rose petals for sale

Dried rose buds are widely used in medical and food industry. In Iran, due to the suitable climate for growing roses, the quality of edible dried roses is very high. Due to the high quality of Iranian rose petals, the export of these products to other countries is increasing but you can not easily access […]

Wholesale dried rose buds

Due to its climate, Iranian rose products are of high quality and have a special aroma and taste. These products are widely used in the production of herbal teas, soaps, lotions, creams and etc. Annually, large quantities of Iranian rose products are sold to all countries as dried rose buds wholesale. Rosesattar has recently started […]