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Due to its climate, Iranian rose products are of high quality and have a special aroma and taste. These products are widely used in the production of herbal teas, soaps, lotions, creams and etc. Annually, large quantities of Iranian rose products are sold to all countries as dried rose buds wholesale. Rosesattar has recently started to sell high quality and organic Damask rose and sell dried rose buds to all over the world. Wholesale rose petals with suitable packaging will be sent to customers of Rosesattar products. The quality of the rose buds is guaranteed. All products of Rosesattar have certification and quality control tests. Due to the quality of Rosesattar products, the price of the products is very reasonable. You can contact us via +989191412821 and email Arkaroses@gmail.com to get more information about dried rose buds wholesale. You can buy bulk rose petals and dried rose buds wholesale via Rosesattar.

Quality control and Certifications for dried rose buds wholesale

One of the major concerns of wholesale rosebud buyers is quality guarantee. If there is certification and testing of products for the quality of dried rosebuds and petals, rose petals wholesale and rose buds wholesale will be done with confidence. The quality of RosesAttar products has been approved by laboratory tests and you can buy rose petals bulk and rose buds with confidence so that the quality of the products is guaranteed. RosesAttar buds and rose petals are completely organic and free of chemicals. In experiments performed on RosesAttar damask roses, the files of which have been presented, the organic nature of these products has been confirmed. You can buy high quality dried rose buds that are free of allergenic chemicals.

The RosesAttar damask rose cultivation area is completely controlled, and not only have no chemicals been used in the cultivation of RosesAttar products, but also pesticides and chemical fertilizers have not been used in the surrounding lands. Dried rose buds wholesale and bulk rose petals will be a special advantage for you, which can be used in the preparation of high quality lotions and creams, very tonic teas, and so on. To buy bulk products, you can contact us by +989191412821 phone number or email via Arkaroses@gmail.com. Click the images below to access the certificate and test results.

  • dried rose buds wholesale analysis and certificate
  • dried rose buds wholesale analysis and certificate
  • dried rose buds wholesale analysis and certificate
  • dried rose buds wholesale analysis and certificate
  • dried rose buds wholesale analysis and certificate
  • dried rose buds wholesale analysis and certificate
  • dried rose buds wholesale analysis and certificate
  • dried rose buds wholesale analysis and certificate
  • dried rose buds wholesale analysis and certificate

How can you Order dried rose buds wholesale

You can order high quality organic dried rose buds wholesale via email Arkaroses@gmail.com or order via whatsapp +989191412821. All you need is get your phone and contact us. If you want to buy dried rose buds as bulk we can send samples of our production. After verifying the quality, we will send it to you. You can only order dried rose buds wholesale and we have no retail.

Properties of roses and damask roses

Rose is one of the flowers that is seen in florists in most bouquets in red, yellow, white, blue and even two colors. This fragrant and colorful flower, which is very popular and its red color attracts the eyes of every buyer, has a strange and unbelievable secrets. Apart from herbal medicine, roses are also used in perfumery, cosmetics, confectionery and kitchens. For pharmacy laboratories, perfume factories, dried rose buds wholesale and supplying a high quality material is guaranteed by Rosesattar.

In the following, we will explain the application of damask roses in different fields. dried rose buds wholesale - properties

Medicinal properties of damask roses

If you are a apothecary and you need kilos of dried rose petals and dried rose buds you can buy rose bud bulk. Rose petals are used to treat bacterial and viral infections and are also useful for treating urinary tract infections and chronic diarrhea. In traditional Chinese medicine, roses were used to treat digestive disorders, pain caused by injuries and menstrual irregularities in women. This flower contains a lot of vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamins B3 and vitamin A, as well as citric acid, bioflavonoids, zinc and tannins. The seedlings of this flower also contain a lot of vitamin C.

Properties of dried rose for constipation

Rosehip oil can be used as a laxative to treat constipation. One of the healing properties of rose is its laxative properties. Rose tea is a useful drink for the stomach and digestive system; Because it increases bile production and helps digest fats better. It also promotes the growth of good intestinal bacteria. dried rose buds wholesale - medic properties

Rose and Cleansing the liver and kidneys

Other benefits of this herbal tea is cleansing the liver and gallbladder. Dried rose has a diuretic effect and increases the volume of urine; As a result, kidney function improves.

Damask rose: An anti-diarrhea and antipyretic

Drinking damask rose tea is antipyretic and anti-diarrhea. Rosebud prevents infections in the body. Drinking rose tea is good for killing harmful bacteria in the intestine. People with diseases such as dysentery and inflammation of the digestive system tract should use this herb daily.

Properties of dried damask rose for depression

Rosehip juice or dried rose petals is invigorating, anti-depressant and anti-stress. The aroma of this herbal tea gives you peace. If you are depressed or have trouble in sleeping and have lack of sleep, try this fragrant drink. dried rose buds wholesale - Properties 1

Application of rose in menstruation and infection of women

This fragrant and of a pretty color plant is very valuable for women. Drinking a cup of dried rose petals tea relieves women’s menstrual cramps and regulates the menstrual cycle. Women who have heavy menstruation, it is better to drink 2 cups of damask rose tea a day with black pepper powder and honey. Of course, this plant is also useful for menopause and flashes and its complications. Women with urinary tract infections or bladder infections can also use this tea and herbal tea.

Rose petals and oral hygiene

Rose petals water and juice removes bad breath. If you care about your oral health, Spool the extract of rose.

Rosebuds tea for pregnancy

Rose tea with abundant vitamin C is a useful drink for pregnant women; Because the immune system strengthens them and increases the production of collagen in the body of the mother and fetus. In fact, vitamin C is essential for fetal growth and promotes better absorption of iron and calcium in the body. dried rose buds wholesale - Eye Health Properties

Rose extract maintain eye health

What do you know about the properties of rose drops? The natural juice and extract of rose has anti-inflammatory properties that cure eye infections. All you have to do is to drip rose water in your eyes or wash your eyes with rose tea.

Benefits of Damask Rose for common cold

Perfumers are among the places that have dried rose buds wholesale. One of the benefits of rosebud is the treatment of colds and infections. Damask rose tea contains vitamins B1, B2 and K, beta-carotene, bioflavonoids, tannins and pectin, and reduces inflammation and infections. This plant strengthens the immune system; Vitamin C in it fights various infections and sputum in the chest and throat and improves respiratory diseases.

dried rose buds wholesale - Treatment Properties

Rosewater application in arthritis treatment

Damask rose has a diuretic property and drains the accumulated Intra-tissue water, if you have arthritis, use this herb.

Properties of rose petals for men

The use of damask rose cures impotence, which is the source of nervous problems and depression. This herbal tea increases the power and sexual desire of men.

Rose petal tea and cinnamon: Powerful anticancer

The antioxidants and polyphenols in dried roses protect the body against free radical damage. The anthocyanins in damask rose petals prevent genetic mutations. This herbal tea kills cancerous tumors.

Properties of rosebuds for weight loss

Rose tea is a healthy and calorie-free drink that will make you lose weight very quickly. If you follow a special weight loss diet, it is better to include damask rose tea between meals. Rose petals tea will reduce your appetite. dried rose buds wholesale - Skin and Hair Properties

Rose loves your skin and hair

Damask rose has strong antioxidant properties that kill bacteria on the skin. If you want to cleanse your skin, wash your face with the extract of this fragrant plant with a spoonful of honey. Rose petal contains vitamins, including vitamin C, and antioxidants that are good for the body, and fights all kinds of skin blemishes and wrinkles. You can also try cucumber and rose mask to get rid of pimples and acne. Rose and coconut oil mask controls scalp oil and promotes hair growth. To prepare this instant mask, heat half a cup of coconut oil over a gentle heat and allow it to cool, then add 5 drops of rosemary oil and mix well. Then add 1 tablespoon of rose petals powder with honey; Massage your hair daily with this magical combination. dried rose buds wholesale - Cooking

Damask Rose: A flower for cooking

The use of roses dates back to ancient Egypt, at that time, this flower was cultivated more for healing than its beauty, and in the Middle Ages, roses were grown more for medicine and food. Dried rose buds wholesale will be in food industry, because people around the world, especially Asians, enjoy eating roses in their meals, also do Italians and French. Rose petals and rosehips are popular in professional kitchens and confectioneries. Rose tea is also very popular. 95% of rose petals are water, so they are low in calories.

Cooking with roses gives the opportunity to discover and cook foods with new tastes and aromas. Not every rose should be eaten, because the flowers that are planted for food should be grown in full sun and good soil in organic conditions and away from pollution of streets and cities, and RosesAttar products with laboratory approval are perfectly suitable for cooking. It is possible for you to buy rose buds wholesale. Never use roadside flowers, and before eating them, wash the petals with cold water and separate the white parts from the bottom of the petals because it tastes bitter. dried rose buds wholesale - Love

How to prepare rose tea

You can add fresh rose petals to tea or boil water and let it brew for 5 to 10 minutes to make rose tea. Your herbal tea is ready; Enjoy your meal! Of course, you can also use this fragrant plant in different types of foods and jams (rose jam).

Side effects of Damask rose

Damask Rose and its tea, if consumed in moderation, does not have special and serious side effects, but for pregnant women may be associated with allergic reactions, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation.

How to order dried rose buds wholesale

If you want to order organic dried rose buds and rose petals you can contact us by email or whatsapp. In order to buy dried rose buds wholesale, we can send you samples of dried rose buds and after you confirm the quality we can make the deal. The quality is guaranteed, just contact us:

Email: Arkaroses@gmail.com

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