Dried rose petals for sale

Dried rose petals for sale

Dried rose buds are widely used in medical and food industry. In Iran, due to the suitable climate for growing roses, the quality of edible dried roses is very high. Due to the high quality of Iranian rose petals, the export of these products to other countries is increasing but you can not easily access to Iranian dried rose petals for sale. The price of rose buds vary according to its quality and growing area.

Rose petals price varies according to its market. For example, Moroccan roses are known in the world market, and the price of dried Moroccan roses is high due to competition in the market to buy Moroccan dried rose buds and petals. Rosesattar provides high quality dried rose petals for sale and you can easily contact us by email or whatsapp.

But Iranian traders sell roses cheaper to gain the global market. Despite the high quality, due to being less known, the wholesale price of Iranian rose buds is much lower. Arka company produces high quality organic roses. Arka roses products are certified and laboratory tests confirm the quality of these products. Click below images to access the certification of dried rose petals for sale.

Dried rose petals for sale

Damask rose is one of the fragrant flowers that in addition to its beauty and good smell, also has many health benefits. Therefore, it is commonly used in traditional medicine in the form of tea or powder. Drying damask rose petals and rose buds is one of the best ways to store this useful and widely used flower. The correct method of drying roses is very important to maintain its quality.

Rose petals should be dried by a dryer or in shadow by a gentle fan wind. Of course, scientific research has shown that drying rose petals in shadow is better. This flower is dried after picking and is marketed in two forms of rose buds and rose petals. Due to quality and application you commonly find dried rose petals for sale in the market.

Dried rose petals for sale: wholesale

Rose flower petals are bought by people in the field of traditional medicine, perfumeries, spice production centers, restaurants, and so on. Here are high quality dried rose petals for sale. Wholesale of dried rose buds and petals are done in a packaged form from reputable centers. People who need this product should buy fresh, completely dried and high quality materials. The fresh product has a very good fragrance and color and is used or sold until it loses its fragrance. Rosesattar produces organic dried rose petals with certification and quality is controlled. You can order the dried rose petals for sale in bulk and wholesale.

Dried rose petals for sale online

You can buy rose petals online from RosesAttar. Rose petals and rose buds can be sent to all countries. After checking the quality of dried rose petals, you can buy bulk rose petals at a very reasonable price. For rose petals wholesale, call +989191412821 and email Arkaroses@gmail.com. The price of dried rose petals for sale is very reasonable. The price tag of $ 15 per kilogram of quality dried rose buds is not a price that can be easily ignored. RosesAttar products are organically prepared and has very high quality. You can use these quality dried roses for medicinal and edible purposes.

Dried rose petals for sale - Buy Online

Dried rose petals for sale: buy high quality rose petals in bulk

The best edible roses are grown in a relatively dry and hot climate. The highest quality roses are grown organically and free of chemicals to prepare extracts and dried rose petals. RosesAttar products are grown organically and laboratory tests show high quality products. You can buy dried rose buds in bulk. Dried roses are in the form of rose buds and dried rose petals for sale. One of the factors that affects the quality of roses is its freshness. The longer the roses are picked, the less fragrant it becomes. It is better to buy dried rose petals in bulk when the rose buds has just been picked.

How to distinguish high quality dried damask roses

Bulk purchase of dried rose petals should be of high quality. A good product should be pure and free of waste such as twigs, sepals and debris. The petals should not be crushed. Dried rose petals for sale must have these characteristics.

If the rose petals are not completely dried, it is possible that the flower will mold and spoil over time. The load of dried rose buds should be packed in such a way that air exchange is done between them and if there is excess moisture, it should be removed from the product. In the wholesale sale of dried roses, special attention should be paid to this point, because if the flowers are wet, the whole load may be damaged. If you are looking for  organic dried rose petals for sale, rosesattar is there. Certifications of quality and controls on planting to harvesting the roses guarantees the quality of the products.

Drying methods of rose petals and rose buds affect the final quality. The color of high quality dried damask rose is reddish-purple. Fewer pink flowers should be present among the rose petals. The petals should be large and perfectly healthy and uniform. The fresher the rose petals, the better the aroma.

Dried rose petals for sale - High Quality Rose

How to store dried buds and petals

Dried flowers should be stored in a dry, cool place without moisture. Pay special attention to these points in buying bulk rose petals and carrying them, so that the dried rose petals are not damaged or quality decrease.

  • When using rose petals, it is better to powder it to make their fragrance and color more lasting.
  • Put the dried petals in a container with a lid.
  • To keep the buds for a long time, put them in a container with a lid and put them in the freezer.
  • If the rose buds and petals are completely dry, they will last longer.

Dried rose petals for sale - Drying Rose

Properties of damask rose in mental health

Rose petals and buds are very useful in mental health. This flower strengthens the nerves and relaxes. These properties include the following:

  • Elimination of stress and anxiety
  • Calming and soothing the nerves
  • Elimination of aggression
  • Insomnia treatment
  • Depression treatment
  • Relaxing the nervous system
  • Help treat Alzheimer’s disease

Application of rose petals in body health

Damask rose has special properties in maintaining health. Dried rose petals are very useful for gastrointestinal health, mental health, heart strengthening and skin health. Roses also contain a variety of vitamins, which we will mention later.

Strengthens the digestive system

Among the properties of rose petals are strengthening of different parts of the gastrointestinal tract and solving gastrointestinal problems, which are:

  • Strengthening the stomach and treating digestive problems
  • Relieving constipation and treating diarrhea: The dried buds of this plant can be used to relieve constipation and treat diarrhea. Taking small amounts at night helps to defecate regularly and treat constipation.
  • Elimination of liver heat
  • Reduction of body fat, treatment of endocrine diseases, aiding of digestion, improvement of blood circulation, protection of the stomach and liver, cleansing the liver and gallbladder, and improvement of bile secretion.

Dried rose petals for sale - Heart Health

Strengthening the circulatory system

The use of dried rose buds is very effective in strengthening the circulatory system and resolving cardiovascular problems, and doctors of traditional medicine place special emphasis on its use. These properties include the following:

  • Elimination of circulatory problems and cardiovascular problems
  • Strengthening the heart and treating heart palpitations
  • Opening of the closed arteries of the heart
  • Treatment of mitral valve prolapse
  • Antispasmodic properties

Application of rose petals and buds in skin health

Rose is anti-inflammatory and cooler of the skin. Rose bud salve is effective in treating eczema and skin disorders, removing warts and removing wheals, as well as relieving burn pain. Also, rose masks are very effective for rejuvenating and refreshing the skin and reducing wrinkles.

Roses are a source of vitamins and minerals

Rose petals are rich in vitamin C and strengthen the immune system. Dried damask rose tea causes better absorption of iron and calcium in the body. Teas containing rose buds contain vitamin E, selenium, magnesium, B vitamins, manganese and potassium, and therefore strengthen the immune system.

Dried rose petals for sale - Women's Health

The effect of roses in women’s health

Dried rose petals are very useful in increasing women’s health. Rose petals are highly recommended for women with menstrual problems. These properties include the following:

  • The use of rose tea relieves breast tenderness in women during menstruation.
  • Rose tea improves menstrual cramps and is effective in relieving gynecological secretions and treating heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Rose petals repair vaginal and cervical wounds, reduce uterine pain and treat uterine inflammation.

The harms of abusing roses

Excessive consumption of roses reduces sexual potency, causes thirst, constipation, and for some people, due to their nature, causes diarrhea.

Dried rose petals for sale - Rose Tea

How to prepare rosa damascena tea

One of the most characteristic herbal teas is rose petals tea. To prepare it, it is enough to brew a few dried rose buds and a spoon of tea for 15 to 20 minutes. Also, to prepare honey and rose tea, which is suitable for relieving respiratory diseases, colds and inflammation of the mouth and teeth, it is enough to soak 50 grams of dried rose buds in water for one day and then mix its decoction with 100 grams of honey.

How to prepare damask rose face mask

To prepare masks and creams for skin and hair, you can also use rose bud powder with honey, rosewater and rose oil. In addition to being very useful for strengthening and shining hair, this combination is also very effective for treating pimples and acne and exfoliation and skin clarity. It also retains skin moisture and prevents dry skin.

Dried rose petals for sale Online

If you want to order organic dried rose buds and rose petals online you can contact us by email or whatsapp. In order to buy dried rose buds wholesale, we can send you samples of dried rose buds and after you confirm the quality we can make the deal. The quality is guaranteed for dried rose petals for sale, just contact us:

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