How to dry edible rose petals by preserving its properties

how to dry edible rose petals

edible rose petals refers to damask rose petals which is known as Mohammadi flower in Iran and also Bulgarian rose. Bulgarian rose is found in the form of petals, powder and buds, has many uses in the kitchen and in the treatment of some diseases. Drying edible rose petals is one of the best ways to store this useful and widely used flower. In this article, you will learn how to dry Mohammadi flower and their buds at low amount or in bulk. You will also learn about maintenance methods, applications and properties.

Drying edible rose buds

  1. One of the traditional methods of drying edible rose buds is to thread it.
  2. After collecting the buds, wash very gently and patiently without damaging them.
  3. Thread the thread through their stems with a needle.
  4. Hang the buds in the shade in the air and away from dust to dry.

piled dried rose buds

By doing this, the buds do not come into contact with the ground and their natural state is maintained.

Also, air flow is present everywhere in the flowers and they dry better and sooner.

Some dry in the sun, but drying the buds in the shade preserves the aroma, color and properties better.

Application of dried edible rose buds

You can use small fragrant and beautiful buds to decorate a variety of desserts, food, yogurt, buttermilk etc.

decorating foods with dried edible rose petals

Drying edible Rose petals

  1. To dry Bulgarian roses, first separate the petals from the sepals.
  2. Hold the flower in your hand and separate the petals by placing your thumb on the middle.
  3. Soak the petals in a bowl of cold water for about 15 minutes. Then drain.
  4. Place a clean, dry cotton cloth on a tray or surface and spread the petals on it.
  5. Allow to dry completely indoors, where air is flowing and shady.
  6. Turning on the fan speeds up the drying process. Turn on the fan until the water in the petals is gone.
  7. Then let the petals dry completely.
  8. Turn the petals upside down every few days so that they are evenly exposed to the air.

bulk dried edible rose petals

If you need petal powder, grind the petals as much as you need to preserve its aroma and color.

You can put the petals on a metal tray and expose them to mild sunlight for faster drying, but the quality of the dried petals in the shade will be better.

If you want to dry the petals with a fruit dryer, after washing, spread them on a cloth for a while to drain them.

To dry the damask rose, you can pour the petals in plastic with handles and close it like a balloon. In a dark, lightless place, the petals dry out a week later.

How to dry edible rose petals at Home

  1. First, remove the rose petals. Fill the kitchen sink with water and put the petals in it. Put the petals in water for 15 minutes to get rid of insects, possible dust, etc.
  2. After soaking for 15 minutes, wash the petals and drain.
  3. After the petals have drained and the washing water has dried, spread the rose petals on a clean cloth. Spread the fabric where it is exposed to a gentle breeze or wind and the air is well ventilated. You can also use a fan to make the petals dry faster.
  4. Be sure to spread the fabric in the shade. Drying the petals of a rose in the sun reduces its odor and aroma and reduces the quality of the dried petals.
  5. Be careful if you use a fan, after the water from the wash dries, remove the fan and allow the petals to dry on their own. If you spread the petals in a dry place, the result will be more desirable.
  6. After drying, keep the petals in a container with a lid.
  7. If you plan to use dried rose petals in powder form, we recommend that you powder the dried petals when you want to use them. Powdering the dried petals of the rose increases the rate of loss of flavor and aroma.

How to maintain dried buds and petals

  • Dried flowers should be stored in a dry, cool place without moisture.
  • It is better to grind them when needed to make their perfume and color more lasting.
  • Pour the dried petals into a soda bottle or mineral water or container.
  • To keep the buds for a long time, put them in a container with a lid and put them in the freezer.
  • If the buds and petals are completely dry, their shelf life will be longer.

jar of dried edible rose buds and petals

How to prepare dried Bulgarian rose powder

  1. Place the dried petals in a frying pan over low heat, stirring occasionally.
  2. Make sure the petals are not stacked, so that they are evenly heated and dry faster.
  3. After 20 to 25 minutes, they are completely dry and crispy and you can easily rub between the palms.
  4. Another way is to dry in the oven, spread the petals on a tray and turn on the oven over a gentle heat.
  5. Occasionally remove the tray and turn the petals upside down.
  6. Heating in an oven or frying pan strengthens the aroma of the petals.
  7. You can powder the dried petals in the mill.

Applications of dried rose petals and powder

  • You can use the edible rose petals to prepare Mohammadi flower jam.
  • Mix Rose petal powder with equal proportions of cinnamon and ginger and use it as seasoning in foods.
  • Petals, buds and damask rose powder are used to decorate desserts, halva, yogurt, cocoa, cakes, ice cream, sweets etc.
  • If you pour it in dry tea, you will give a good aroma to the tea and you will also benefit from the properties of Mohammadi flower.
  • You can add damask rose powder in salads.
  • Benefit from its properties with damask rose Decoction.
  • Add some to the saltshaker. It is great for flavoring cucumbers.
  • Make rose halva with petal powder.

use of edible rose petal in cooking and making jam, dried rose petal

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