The Damask rose is a deciduous shrub growing to 2.2 metres (7 ft 3 in) tall, the stems densely armed with stout, curved prickles and stiff bristles. The leaves are pinnate, with five (rarely seven) leaflets. The roses are a light to moderate pink to light red. The relatively small flowers grow in groups. The bush has an informal shape. It is considered an important type of Old Rose, and also important for its prominent place in the pedigree of many other types.

Water Rose

Rose water is prepared by steeping rose petals in water. Sometimes, a by-product of the process of extracting rose oil is also used in the place of rose water. There are a number of rose water benefits which make it a popular ingredient in cuisines and religious rituals. Rose water for skin and rose water for face are two of rose water’s most well-known uses.


ESSENTIAL OIL OF DAMASK ROSE is effective in healing boils, scars or other unwanted skin spots. Due to its antioxidant property, it improves the texture of the skin. Besides this, consistent use of this oil can restore the original color of the skin.


To dry the flower arrangement of Rose in the strict moisture management, keeping a low temperature, in the low humidity of the room packing, until the management and shipping. To deliver to everyone and firmly keep the rich aroma. Put it in the bath, luxurious rose bath in the mood for Cleopatra. Enjoy the fragrance by pouring hot water as Rose tea. As cakes and confectionery material. As potpourri, feel free to carry a gentle scent sweet and put in a sachet.