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dried rose petals bulk

Damask rose (Mohammadi flower) is from the rose family, which in addition to being an ornament among Iranians and the world, is also a sign of love and loyalty. damask rose are sold as wet buds or petals and also as dried rose buds bulk or dried rose petals bulk .

Cities producing rose petals in Iran

If you want to be a good businessman in rose business and successfully bulk dried rose petals from Iran you must know best products and cities that have best quality rose. Although damask rose is cultivated all over the world, but the main birthplace of this colorful, fragrant and very popular flower all over the world goes back to Iran. damask rose ( rosa damascena ) produced in Iran has global fans, hence, many farmers in different cities of Iran cultivate this beautiful plant, including:

  • Kashan
  • Khoy
  • Marand
  • Khuzestan
  • Khorasan
  • Tabriz
  • Orumieh
  • Shiraz
  • Kermanshah
  • Kerman

These areas have a special place in the cultivation and production of dried rose petals bulk due to their dry weather conditions and high altitude. Another reason for the high quality of Iranian damask dried rose petals and rose buds is the lack of need to use a variety of pesticides.

Due to this high quality in growing damask roses and the importance of quality in export markets, dried rose petals can be considered as one of the most important Iranian export products in world markets, which led to the recognition of Iran as the best producer of dried rose petals bulk and dried rose buds wholesale in this market.

How to buy bulk rose petals

How to buy rose petals bulk

For bulk purchase and export of bulk rose petals and rose buds, quality and reasonable price, is the first priority of buyers of this products. For this reason, Arka Company has provided special conditions for the buyers of dried rose petals wholesale and bulk dried rose buds . To buy these products, just contact us. After the initial agreement on the price and quantity of the desired product, the sample will be sent to you. After the analysis and approval of the product by the buyer, 50% of the price will be taken as an advance payment and the buyer’s order will be ready. Finally, after sending the dried rose petals bulk and final approval by the buyer, the remaining 50% will be paid.

The reason for the popularity of Iranian rosewater and rose petals

Iranian rosewater is very popular in the world. The reason for this popularity is the wonderful perfume of Iranian flowers. Also, the production method of these roses in Iran is traditional and reaches the buyer without any additives.

The beautiful and traditional packaging of these rosewater, wholesale rose petals and rose buds bulk and the reputation of Iranian manufacturers are other reasons. Obviously, the buyer is encouraged to buy the dried rose petals bulk and wholesale rose buds again from the same brand by providing a quality product. The price of Iranian rose petals bulk are very reasonable and people who need this product can buy it. Rose water , rose petals and rose buds have a calming effect and its use in food and beverages, in addition to adding a very pleasant smell to foods and beverages, makes you feel relaxed and stress and anxiety go away from you.

rose petals bulk

Export of pure Iranian rosewater , rose petals and rose buds  to neighboring countries – Best markets of bulk dried rose petals of Iran

Pure Iranian rosewater , rose petals and rose buds are exported to many countries. The most important of these countries are neighboring countries. These products are mostly exported in bulk and in very large packages to neighboring countries. Countries like Iraq use rosewater a lot in confectionery, and they also prepare syrup from it in religious ceremonies and give it to pilgrims as a vow.

The export of these products are mainly done in the form of Ground transportation in order to decrease the price of transportation. After export, these products are distributed among the active representation in these countries. Buyers are more likely to buy representation, but rosewater , rose petals and rose buds are also sold in markets and stores in these countries, and people can more easily buy these products from these stores. Online stores related to the representation of importing countries are also a very good option for shopping.

Advice on buying rose petals specially for bulk dried rose petals

To buy damask rose (Mohammadi flowers) specially when amount of trading is high or when you bulk dried rose petals, you must first pay attention to the purpose for which you intend to buy and decide which part of the plant, such as leaves, rose petals or rose buds, you need to buy. Because each of these has different properties and can be used in different cases. In other words, depending on how they are used, each of these parts has different medicinal properties.

Rose products are used in various industries. Before buying bulk rose petals, you should pay attention to who your target market or main customers are in this business or what industries. Roses are used in food, pharmaceutical, health and confectionery industries. For this reason, if you have not found your main customers, you must first do a thorough research in this regard. Because the quality of a rose varies depending on the type of application and the price you pay for it. For example, Kerman rose has small petals, but its aroma is very pleasant. If you are planning to trade in bulk dried rose petals, Kerman roses may not be a good option, and choose Kashan roses instead. And use Kerman roses to produce perfume and rose. So you should note that if you want to buy rose petals bulk, identify your target market well.

To buy edible rose petals , it is very important to pay attention to the need and type of consumption. For example, the fresh rose petals have laxative properties and its dried petals are astringent. So to buy rose petals, be sure to consider how you intend to prepare it so that you can take advantage of its properties according to your needs.

Damask rose is known in the world customs with tariff code (HS Code) number 121190.

Countries exporting rose petals – export rose petals bulk

One of the important points in buy rose petals bulk is where you want to sell your products after bulk purchase. For this purpose, we have provided you with statistics on the latest import and export status of rose petals, which we will discuss in the following. You should note that this statistic only applies to rose petals and the situation of other rose products is different.

China is the world’s largest exporter of rose petals with 23% of the world market share. India, Poland, Germany and Indonesia are next with 9, 7, 6 and 5 percent of the world’s exports, respectively.

Countries exporting rose petals,dried rose petals bulk

In importing this product, the United States has the highest import rate in the world with 12%. Germany and Japan are next in line to import this flower. The export market of this product in Saudi Arabia and Poland has had a positive growth over the past five years. Vietnam, South Korea and France have also seen positive growth over the past year.

China, Germany, India, Italy, UAE, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Hong Kong, China, Spain and Iraq have the highest export potential of rose petals , rose buds and rosewater in Asia. Russia is also a good export destination due to its good trade relations with Iran. Turkey, the United States, France, Japan, Belgium, Canada and Qatar are also applying for this special flower.

Export capacity of damask rose (Mohammadi flower)

Countries with the potential destination for rose petals exports from Iran are China, India, Italy, Afghanistan, Indonesia, USA, Thailand and Malaysia. The markets of Germany, UAE, Pakistan, Spain, Iraq, Russia, Vietnam and France are saturated for the export of rose petals , and they are not profitable choices. The best destinations for exporting rose petals from Iran are China, India and Italy due to the export potential and easy trade relations between the two countries. The US market has the highest demand capacity for this product.

China shows the largest difference between the export potential and the real export in terms of value, the remaining export capacity is worth 847 thousand dollars.

dried rose petals bulk

At present, Iran is the first producer of damask rose perfume with a production of more than 3 tons. Due to the suitable climatic conditions of Iran for damask rose production, its quality is better than other countries. The wholesale price of rose petals for export is not the same throughout the year and varies according to its color, cleanliness and not broken. As the harvest season approaches, its sales are greatly reduced and it is sold at the highest possible price in winter.

How to order rose petals bulk from Rosesattar

One of the biggest concerns in international trade is to establish effective communication and constructive interaction between buyer and seller. Rosesattar products are of high quality. One of the concerns when you want to buy rose petals bulk is the naturalness of rose products. Rose petals and rose buds of Attar have a certificate of being natural and organic, so you can buy from us without any worries. Below you can see some certificates of Rosesattar  products.

You can register your order amount along with brief information about yourself in the contact us page.  Our partners will follow up and contact with you. If you want to know about dried rose petals wholesale, Wholesale dried rose buds or dried rose buds bulk contact us via email at or via WhatsApp at +989191412821 and find out the latest prices and how to work with us. We are proud that you have chosen us.

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