Rose Products – All Forms of Rose Usage

Rose Products

Products obtained from damask rose include rosewater, essential oil, concrete, absolute essential oil, petals and dried buds. These are forms of rose products that directly obtained from these edible roses. These rose products are used in several industries. Roses are used in the perfume and aromatic industries, in the production of cosmetic health products, including cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, cleansers and beauty baths.

Introducing Rose Products

It is also used in the production of beverages, sweets, spices, puddings, jellies and desserts. Due to its anti-depressant, sedative, antiseptic and laxative properties, damask rose is also used in the pharmaceutical industry. Roses can also be used in flower arranging and preparing fragrant pillows and decorating dried flower baskets. The best roses to use in Food, Pharmacology and Perfume industry is organic rose. In this article we introduce direct productions that usually obtained from roses.

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A) Rose Products: Dried Rose Buds

One of the products obtained from damask rose is dried rose bud. This product is widely used in food and pharmaceutical industry. Annually, bulk dried rose buds are sold from damask rose farms in Iran. This is the process of drying rose buds: The picked buds are placed in the shade and under the presence of air to dry slowly. Of course, the drying of rose buds is also done using a dryer, but it has been scientifically proven that the quality of dried rose buds in the shade and without a dryer is higher. Of course, drying using a dryer is much faster, and as a result, less space will be needed to dry the rose buds.

Rose Products – Dried Rose Petals

B) Dried Rose Petals

One of the rose products that is obtained directly from roses flower is dried rose petals. Like dried rose buds, dried rose petals are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. You can buy dried rose petals from us with a very reasonable price. Dried rose petals are used to make rose tea. In terms of traditional medicine, rose tea has very special properties for the health of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system. Also, the use of rose tea and dried rose petals is very useful and recommended for women’s health. The petals of the rose also dry like rose buds, and the tips for drying the buds of a rose must be taken into account when drying rose petals. In addition, due to the fragility of rose petals, more care must be taken in the transportation and storage of dried petals.

Rose Products – Rosewater

C) Rose Products: Rosewater

Rose is widely used as a flavoring and in production of food product. Rosewater is one of rose products that was first extracted in Iran by Abu Ali Sina and named Gohar Gol Sorkh. In traditional rose production, certain amounts of rose and water are poured into a copper pot. The lid is then placed on the boiler to prevent the resulting vapors from leaking. There is a hole in the boiler that is attached to steel or aluminum pipes. The pipe is routed into another copper container. Inside this copper vessel is cold water.

The vapors from distillation, after passing through the tube, are poured into this copper vessel and gradually cool down, and finally rosewater is obtained. The duration of obtaining rosewater in the traditional method is usually 5 to 7 hours and 1.5 kg of rosewater is obtained from one kilogram of damask rose. In the industrial method, quality rose is produced using a similar process and with higher efficiency.

Rose Products – Rose oil

D) Rose products: Essential oils

One of the most valuable rose products its essential oil. This essential oil is obtained by distilling its fresh flowers. Rose distillation is done in different stages that the products of each stage have their own applications.

1- First Oil:

This essential oil is obtained by distilling fresh rose flowers. It is floating in the form of a yellowish green layer on the surface of the rosewater obtained from distillation, which is known as the scent of rose. This essential oil contains components of absolute rose essential oil that have less solubility in water and is mainly composed of saturated hydrocarbons; and therefore becomes solid by cooling it.

2- Second Oil:

If we distill the rose from distillation, which is known as the first rose, again in the tall tower machine, the second essential oil will be obtained and it will be of better quality. This essential oil does not solidify due to cooling. This essential oil is mostly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Rose Products – Roseoil Process

3- Absolute essential oil:

The most valuable product of rose, which has been called Liquid Gold and is obtained from the combination of the first and second essential oils of damask rose. This essential oil has a very high value. Absolute essential rose oil is used for pain relief, relief from menstrual discomfort, Decreasing anxiety and stress and to increase sexual potency. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties and eases depressive symptoms.

E) Concrete

Rose flowers are extracted with non-polar solvents such as “hexane” and “petroleum ether” and after separating the pulp, the solvent is evaporated in vacuum conditions. This waxy substance in semi-solid form with red to orange color of rose products is called concrete. This product is semi-solid at room temperature but turns liquid when slightly warmed. Due to the lack of heat during processing, this product smells quite like Damask rose flowers.

F) Rose products: Absolute Rose Oil:

If concrete is dissolved in ethanol at ambient temperature, its volatile compounds are dissolved in ethanol and its waxy compounds are precipitated. By evaporating and recycling ethanol at low temperature and pressure, an essential oil is obtained, which is called absolute essential oil, which is mostly used in the perfume industry. These are a collection of materials that are extracted from rose during various processes and are used in the production of various cosmetic, health, food and pharmaceutical products.

Organic and Natural Rose Products of Rosesattar

One of the concerns of buyers of rose products, especially buyers of health and food industries, has been the natural and organic nature of rose products. The use of pesticides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers makes it impossible to use roses in these industries. Skin allergies, poisoning and stomach ailments are some of the complications caused by the use of pests, chemical fertilizers and toxins. For this reason, Arkarose Company (Rosesattar site) has tried to provide its customers with completely organic and natural products, following its social and moral responsibility, and has succeeded in obtaining the certificate of natural and organic nature of its rose products. You can see these certificates below.

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Rose planting and harvesting stages

Rose planting and harvesting stages

Roses are widely used because of their unique properties. edible Roses are offered for sale in the form of rose buds and dried rose petals and extracts. Annually, large quantities of dried rose buds are sold in bulk from rose farms, and dried rose petals are sent to the market for sale. Rose extract is also sent to extraction workshops for sale in the perfume industry. Rose planting and harvesting stages are very effective in the final quality of roses. The best roses are flowers grown organically and chemicals free. Iranian organic rose petals and rosebuds are one of the best organic rose for food and pharmacology industries.

The best climate for growing damask rose

One of the most important factors for the production of quality roses is having a suitable climate and climatic conditions. The birthplace and habitat of damask rose is the ancient land of Iran and the Middle East. At the beginning of the seventeenth century, Iranian roses were exported to India, North Africa and Turkey, and then to Bulgaria, and their cultivation spread.

Countries producing rose petals and rose buds have arid and semi-arid and cold climates and Iran is a very suitable region for growing damask rose. Many cities in Iran, including Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kerman, Urmia and Khoy have a very suitable climate for growing roses. Rosa damascena is a plant resistant to dehydration, pests and diseases and is obtained with the highest quality product from organic cultivation.

Rose planting and harvesting stages - Cultivation

Cultivation of roses

Cultivation of roses involves several stages. Also, important points should be considered in cultivating rose flowers. In this article, these steps and tips will be examined. In order to build a rose farm, first it is necessary to dig pits with a depth and width of 50 cm. The inside of the pit is filled with rotten animal manure along with the farm soil and the planted seedlings are watered immediately.

The simplest method of propagation is cuttings and the most common method of propagation is underbrush. Rooted underbrush is usually separated from the original bush and planted immediately during the dormant season. Although rose can grow well in a wide range of soils, its best performance is in well-drained soils with a pH between 6.5 and 7.5. Damask rose cultivation is possible in foothills and rocky and sloping lands. The distances between the plants should be about 2.5 to 3 meters.

Fertilizing roses

According to the soil test, to maintain fertility and increase flowering, in organic rose cultivation, the use of 30 tons of manure per hectare is necessary to strengthen the soil of rose farm. Animal manure mixed with farm soil is poured into the pits before planting. In the following years, about 5 tons of rotten manure per hectare should be distributed around the bushes.

Irrigation of roses

It is necessary to irrigate after planting roses. In the first year, watering every 6 days leads to rapid growth of seedlings. The most sensitive time of irrigation is the beginning stage of bud in the plant, which must meet its water needs according to climatic conditions. It is better to irrigate in such a way that water is not spilled on the plant (especially during the flower harvest). Therefore, drip irrigation that does not wet the flowers at harvest time is a good method.

Rose planting and harvesting stages - Pruning

Pruning the rose bush

If the rose bushes are left unpruned, they will grow irregularly. These conditions cause multiple branches growing, irregular and unsuitable branches growing and reduce flowering and flower quality. The flowers of unpruned plants are weaker and smaller and of lower quality. Pruning of these plants is done from late summer to early spring.

Pruning is done to remove dry, pest-infested, annoying branches, as well as to prevent the formation of tall branches that make harvesting difficult. Pruning roses will continue flowering in the plant. Flowering is increasing until about 9 to 12 years old. From this age onwards, this trend decreases. Shrubs are cut from the floor as the declining process begins. This leads to balancing and regulating plant growth, stimulating and producing strong and numerous underbrush in rose farm.

Rose planting and harvesting stages - harvesting

Damask rose harvesting

Flower harvest is one of the most important, sensitive and costly factors in producing damask rose. Harvest time of rose buds is from late spring to early summer. Rose flower lasts a little on the branch after opening. If delayed, the color will turn white and fade within 24 hours. Therefore, it is necessary to harvest open flowers daily before sunrise and preferably in cool morning weather.

The best time to pick roses is early in the morning and before sunrise. At this time, rose petals are the most abundant and the petals are very juicy and fresh. The closer we get to noon and the end of the day, the lower the quality of the flowers, and the faster the petals wither and dry out. The heat and direct sunlight cause the petals and buds to wither quickly and lose their fragrance. That is why in rose farms the best time to pick flowers is before sunrise.
In addition, after picking the flowers, they should be kept in the shade and in a cool place as much as possible to moderate the drying process of the petals and the final quality of the petals is the best possible.

Rose planting and harvesting stages - Harvesting

As the weather warms, the harvested rose flowers wither quickly. Due to the fact that the flowers are usually stored and compacted, fermentation activities are intensified. To maintain the quality of rose petals, the flowers are picked during the cool hours of the day. This increases the quality of the dried rose petals. The flowers are separated from the petiole. These flowers are placed in bundles and baskets and after weighing, they are poured into sacks.

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